Welcome to Nantong AiTe Metal Products Co., LTD. 


Our company is located in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, in the Yangtze river delta estuaries. 


Our facilities cover an area of 8000 square meters. We are specialized in the production of die casting non-ferrous metals products. 


Our production line includes 280 T, 180 T, 125 T and 800 T die casting machines as well as Mold production line, EDM machine, CNC milling machine, PingMo, cross arm drill, numerical control lathe and other facilities. 


We provide you with a large range of services, from the mold manufacturing to die casting, finished product, etc.


Our main products include: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy die casting, specializing in the production of water heater, motorcycle oil pump, heaters components, and many more. 



phone: 086-0513-85261098        
Fax:  086-0513-86678528
contact: Mr Jiang
Web site: http://www.ntaite.com
E-mail: aite528@ntaite.com  
address: Jiangsu nantong pioneer west industrial park


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